Unclean Data

When your data has data that is not meaningful  in afield or columns and needs to be altered or if data was transposed or has other anomalies

NM Data Services  is an IT Consulting firm that provides data services solutions  to help you and your business. We are here to provide you services that makes sense to you and your business to help you optimize your work and have your own computer support specialist to handle your Microsoft Excel and Access. needs.

Need assistance with your Data? Our Business consulting in IT provide a range of services that will surely benefit you and your business. Achieving Data Excellence means that you become successful and efficient at what you do. Many Consulting companies offers their service, but we actually deliver it to your satisfaction.

DATA is around you everywhere... make it work for you

Data Inconsistency

When you have collections of data that is inconsistent and contains bad, wrong or null entries.

Get organized  fast! You will be more efficient and save money and time...

Data Expertise

Our Data Expertise and technology consulting extend itself beyond our decades of experience and technical knowledge and dives into how your business data is derived , processed and managed. Our professionalism, quality and execution distinguishes us from other consulting firms.

Excel and Access Projects

Get rid of 

Data Excellence


Data Clutter

Scattered bits and pieces of data disconnected from each other... stored in spreadsheets, text files or disconnected data sources.

Our Computer Support Specialists can help you..

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Loss of Efficiency

You have processes that work against each other or slowly or in non-optimized fashion that is causing you loss of efficiency.

Handling all of your Microsoft Excel and Access projects. Handling your existing worksheets or Database or creating new ones for you with full functional macros and formulas and automation that fits your needs and making you more productive is our goal.

We also work with Excel and Access integration to provide you the right combination to be able to enter, query the data  and create the appropriate reports for your operations.

We will work with your existing data and organize it into a meaningful data sets with the correct relationships that will grow with you and be ready for your future move.

If you use SQl or Oracle or other databases, we can create a path from your existing databases to Excel and Access so you can work directly with the data you need. You can also have different sources consolidated into one Worksheet or Access interface.  We will work with you to customize your entries and outputs and generate your desired output as needed.