We can offer you a way to connect to your data efficiently from multiple sources via ODBC and we can pivot your data and create the appropriate reporting that fits your needs.

Other Services

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Creating or converting  Ms Access database, interfaces and tables to hold your data in a safe, secure, organized fashions  and the ability to query and make reports that are useful to you easily will definitely enhance and optimize your work and productivity and will give you the perfect solutions without spending the money for new systems, tedious data conversions. Ideal for a small to mi-level operations and processes. We have worked with several clients with very successful results.

We work with your complex spreadsheets and data in them. Fixing all irrelevant references and formulas and other data elements and making your data flow work as it should with all the macros, formulas and other features becoming functional and useful again. Organizing your data and enhancing its appearance and usability of your worksheet is our expertise.

Based on our Analysis of your data, we will take a closer look and fix all anomalies, inconsistencies and normalize your data to put it back in good standing. We can always map your data to the appropriate results or to new desired results.

By evaluating your existing day-to-day processes that you have been doing for years, we can optimize the process and help you build an optimized solution that will end up saving you time and money and increase your productivity.

Data Cleansing, Normalizing and Mapping

Are you switching to a new system and need to convert your data over? We can help migrate your data gracefully between platforms and mapping your data from old schemas to the new ones. We can further build you appropriate data structures such as views, other tables to help you access the appropriate data from your new platform/system.

Data Process Optimization

NM Data Services helps you deal with your data clutter, organize and getting rid of data that is not relevant, incomplete or null while normalizing your data in preparation to generate accurate reporting and save time and money dealing with getting what the desired output from your data.

Our Computer Support Specialist can help with your various needs...

NM Data services provides other technical services such as basic Web Site design and maintenance, Windows OS services and Virus removal and security services for Individuals and businesses.  In addition, data backup, PC reimaging / restoring and and minor hardware installation and configuration. Let us know what are your need and we will fulfill them for you.

Microsoft Excel and Access Projects

We will get your data extracted from your system(s), consolidate and relate the data as necessary and we will analyze the data and offer recommendations. You will be presented with a real outlook on your data and its health status and we will offer recommendations and advice on how to optimize your data.

Using the Ms Office Suite,we can connect to your data and build macros, and interfaces to best serve your end-user needs using tools such as Excel and Access, which is convenient and efficient way to share the appropriate results.

Data Connection, Pivoting and Reporting

Data Extraction and Analysis

Ms Office Data Connectivity and Interfacing 

Data Conversion across platforms
and other Database Services